Webinar: Energy and resource flows in the Circular Economy · Pre-NESI

El día 2 de Abril, impartiremos en inglés un webinar sobre Energía y Recursos en la Economía Circular.

[English Below]

El próximos día 2 de Abril de 2019, impartiremos un webinar sobre los Flujos de Energía y Recursos en la Economía Circular. Se trata de unos de las citas previas al NESI forum que se celebrará en Málaga el 24-26 de Abril en FYCMA.

Se trata de una sesión tipo unconference donde se irá conversando sobre los aspectos clave sobre Energía y Recursos de cara a generar un «track» que nos acompañará hasta el evento y más allá.

English Version:

The NESI Forum 2019 is launching! Participate actively in the discovery phase prior to the forum and explore, learn and share about the existing solutions and early innovations that will enable us Dream, Design and DO the change we want to see in the world.

The energy that powers all our activities, what we eat and how we produce it, where and how we choose to live in or work and get around, what we get dressed with and how we access it and where we invest and how money circulates need radical transformation to co-create a wellbeing economy. This is what we are here to do together.

The day before each webinar, each participant will receive an email with the access information.

Join us in the journey by attending all or any of the available webinars:

  • Martes 2 de Abril (4pm to 5pm) – Nicola Cerantola helps us understand “Energy & resources flows in the circular economy” (english)

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