Higher education & Postgraduate courses 2012-2018

EOI School of Industrial Organization · Madrid (Spain)

Offering a course about Circular Economy & Entrepreneurship at International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility.

How? Leaving behind environmentalisms and sense of guilty strategies, provoking minds & bio-inspiring people in order to create a brand new approach to environmental challenges based on technical, economical, cultural & human holistic analysis.

· IMSD & CSR 2017 Edition
· IMSD & CSR 2016 Edition
· MSD & CSR 2015 Edition (Spanish)
· IMSD 2014-2015 Edition
· IMSD 2013-2014 Edition
· IMSD 2012-2013 Edition

Info: https://www.eoi.es/es/cursos/16559/international-master-sustainable-development-and-corporate-responsibility-madrid

Other courses / activities / roles:
· Resident Mentor at Go2Work ESPACIO51 Virtual Incubator for Circular Economy projects 2018
· Project mentor: EOI ACCIONA Executive MBA 2017-2018
· Tutor: EOI Launchpad (mentoring MBA, MIGMA & MERME students’ final entrepreneurial project). 2017 Edition
· Visiting professor at Artisan techniques & Design Management Master 2017 Edition

IE Business School  · Madrid (Spain)
Masterclass on Green Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy and Ecoinnovation in the formative program for Eco-Recinnova promoted by the Foundation Biodiversity and Ecoembes.

ICAI University Pontificia Comillas  · Madrid (Spain)

Teaching complementary classes (5 sessions) in the subject: Circular Economy & Eco-Industry in ICAI, Universidad Pontificia Comillas. 2017 Edition

Teaching complementary classes (5 sessions) in the subject: Circular Economy & Eco-Industry in ICAI, Universidad Pontificia Comillas. 2018 Edition

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana · Medellín (Colombia)

· Circular Business & Entrepreneurship course at Sustainability Master 2018 Edition
· Workshop: Business model Design for the Circular Economy at Sustainability Master & Agroindustry Master Medellín (Colombia) 2017 Edition

UCM Complutense University of Madrid  · Madrid (Spain)

Circular Economy masterclass at Postgraduate Course on Social Innovation & Collaborative Economy
· 2017 Edition

More info: http://eficiencracia.com/

UPM Polytechnic University of Madrid  · Madrid (Spain)

Providing a course on Sustainable Design, Circular Economy and Green Entrepreneurship for the students of:

AMD · Postgraduate Architecture, Fashion and Design (http://postgradoarquitecturaymoda.com)

2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 edition

Inter-University Master in Technology for Human Development and Cooperation (http://www.itd.upm.es/master/)
2013-2014 Edition

ISEM Fashion Business School  · Madrid (Spain)

Masterclass in the Program on Social Innovation, Sustainability and Reputation in Fashion Companies · 2016 Edition

Module 4
Chain of supply as a sustainable chain of value creation: circular economy, origin of raw materials and use of natural resources.