Action for Change UWC 2014 & 2015

Activities developed: · Inspiring talk about biomimetics, business and the Circular Economy. More info: World United College

United World Colleges (UWC) is an international non-profit organization that promotes peace through multicultural education. It has 14 centers of academic excellence in as many countries on four continents.

In each one of them they study the International Baccalaureate and they cohabit about 200 young people, the practically all scholarships, of more than 80 countries. 70 young people from Spain and abroad have already participated in this intense and fascinating experience. Representatives from the USA, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Holland, Morocco, Mauritania, Poland, Italy, Bangladesh, Portugal and Japan have shared two weeks of coexistence, projects, games, dances and many laughter with practically Spaniards All our provinces, enriching each other through dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

With youth social entrepreneurship as a central theme, these young people aged between 15 and 17 developed their own social projects, acquiring another series of skills and tools, such as speaking in public, making a budget, designing a project, forming teams, working In group, etc.

Participants have received specific training on social entrepreneurship, leadership, emotional intelligence, dialogue between cultures and nations, creativity, environmental protection, as well as enjoying artistic and outdoor sports activities.