% of the impact of a product is related with the design phase
% savings using a returnable packaging system for the brewery industry
€ generable for each ton of garments harvested and revalued (United Kingdom)
% savings on manufacturing of a mobile phone

The Circular Economy refers to an economy that is regenerative by design. It represents a new economic paradigm, inspired by nature, in which the concept of waste disappears so that all resources become nutrients for other cycles, whether natural or technological. This closing of the cycle, contrasts with the current Linear Economy that no longer offers valid answers to the challenges of humanity and its future development.

The Circular Economy is therefore a more daring perspective of the Green Economy (a resource efficient economy) because it is based on a radical transformation of the means of production, the supply chains, the culture and the habit of consumption at a planetary level.

“Circularizing a business” means gaining sovereignty, reducing the effect of price volatility, maintaining control over resources and the supply chain. It means changing the monetization models by retaining customers and innovating in the design of services and experiences. It means questioning current markets and finding profitable and disruptive opportunities, seeing the economy with new eyes and unleashing the potential of circular design.

The Circular Economy is already under way, as demonstrated by the hundreds of companies that are redesigning their value propositions all over the world to make them profitable in the present and resilient in the future. Would you join us?

"You won't discover new lands unless you will be willing to lose the sight of the coast for a very long time"

André Gide




We are inspired by nature (biomimesis) and human resilience (humimesis)


Quality & professionality

With care and commitment we offer the best quality in each project.



Visionaries of a prosperous future, we generate knowledge.



We wisely mix disciplines and we generate valuable applicable knowledge.


Humor &

With irreverence, realism and humor we transmit an effective message that reaches the heart


Knowmadism & resilience

We lead new bioinspired organizational way of doing business.


Agility &

We have worked effectively and successfully on dozens of projects collaborating in network



We love to head for uknown territories, far away, out of comfort zone



Design & Circular Economy

Products, services and businesses for the Circular Economy through design.


Green & Social Entrepreneurship

New ways to generate value and make business, a profitable and responsible one!


Biomimesis &

New organizational paradigms agile, nomadic and collaborative inspired by nature and human resiliency.




We offer inspirational talks in which attendees reflect, learn and enjoy a unique experience.

Con humor, dinamismo, metáforas e imágenes visuales de impacto conseguimos atrapar el oyente e involucrarlo en un verdadero show.

Temas: Economía Circular, Biomimesis, Emprendimiento verde y social, Diseño sostenible bioinspirado, Comunicación


Training & Facilitation

We offer sessions, workshops and training activities for universities, business schools, companies and institutions about latest topics. Our classes and workshops, prepared and imparted with devotion, leave a mark on the attendees!

Train your teams!



We mentor new entrepreneurs and didactic projects for MBAs and other international masters related to the Circular and Green Economy.


Advisory & consultancy

We offer different solutions to help companies, institutions and entrepreneurs in their Circular Economy and Green Entrepreneurship projects. We collaborate with other entities according to the complexity and scope of the project requirements, offering each time the most effective solution for the client.


Methodologies, tools & indicators

We design, manage and test projects for the development and implementation of agile methodologies, tools and indicators for qualitative and quantitative evaluation and the application of circular design strategies.


Collaborative experiences & ecosystems

We design and execute transformative experiences, helping to create and manage entrepreneurial ecosystems and collaborative spaces related to Green and Social innovation.

"The Circular Economy is not waste management, but the search, much more ambitious, for new economic mechanisms that create social value, regenerate natural capital and preserve the planet's living ecosystems."

N. Cerantola

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Ecologing is a social enterprise that was born in 2009 in response to the environmental challenges faced by business and society in Spain and internationally.

Our mission is to facilitate the business transition to new sustainable (and cost-effective) models through education. Since 2009, we have been researching and experimenting with new ways of generating real value and business, healthier, human and profitable (not only economically). We have inspired, provoked and formed thousands of people by innovating how they condense and communicate these issues, promoting circular thinking at all levels.

We work in network with professionals and independent companies to offer projects of quality, effective and adjusted to the needs of the clients.


We are, usually, located in Madrid (Spain) but as good knownomads we are always on the move. To contact us, write us an email and tell us what is it about!

Email: info@ecologing.es

Skype: ecologing

Whatsapp (profesional): +34 644 582 907

Nicola Cerantola

Founder and director

Industrial engineer, founder and director of the Ecologing business project, consultant, teacher and mentor of Ecodesign and Circular Economy (IE, IED Madrid, EOI, UPM, Comillas). International speaker and UNEP-UNIDO expert on green entrepreneurship for the Middle East and North Africa region.

Author and mindshaker, he is the creator of the methodological approach Ecocanvas, which aims to connect sustainable design with the design of profitable and resilient businesses. Techie, is dedicated to inspire young changemakers, catalyze entrepreneurial ecosystems, explore new frontiers of knowledge and generate new opportunities for responsible business. He loves anthropology, history, sport and adventure travels with his dear vespa.