Inspiring Talks 2012-2017

– Inspiring talk at the Entrepreneurship School by Think Young Madrid (Spain) | MAR2017
– Inspirational talk in Palma Activa: Circular Economy Palma de Mallorca (Spain) | MAR2017
– Talk and workshop: Eco-innovation Conference University of La Laguna Tenerife (Spain) | ENE2017
– Inspiring talk: Course Google Actívate Madrid (Spain) | DIC2016
– Conversations: Canary Islands Circular Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) | NOV2016
– Discussion: Natural Capital Summit Madrid (Spain) | SEP2016
– Round table EXATEC Spain Madrid (Spain) | SEP2016
– Talk, round table and workshop The Art of CO WINIW Donostia (Spain) | JUN2016
– Roundtable: How to bring the vulnerable customer efficient products? ECODES Madrid (Spain) | June 2016
– Talk and round table: Sustainability: a new way of doing business PROCHILE Santiago (Chile) | JUN2015
– Masterclass: PROJECTING DESIGN DUOC UC CHILE (Chile) | OCT2014
– 3 Inspring talks at the UNIVERSITY OF PALERMO and CONSORZIO ARCA Palermo (Italy) and StartupWeekend Catania (Italy) | MAY2013
– Talk: DdeDiseño FUNDEUN Alicante (España) | MAR2013
– Inspirational talk: at the UNIVERSITY OF VALLADOLID AIESEC (Spain) | DIC2012
– Talk: DESIGN SOSTENIBILE HUB Rovereto (Italy) | ABR2012
-Charla: 3RS EXPOSITION in COSMO CAIXA, Madrid (Spain) | FEB2012